Speculator - Nice LP

Speculator - Nice LP


While ‘Nice’ was recorded using exactly the same equipment as previous releases, Nick Ray’s debut LP was created with a much different intent. Only two songs on this record use samples. With two exceptions, songs begin and end without editing. His first vinyl LP – with the exception of a 7″ b-side remix of Weekend’s ‘Coma Summer’, this has been a dream of his since he was a little brat listening to punk records and combing the bins at Exile on Main St. in Mt. Kisco, NY. The record is called ‘Nice’ because it has a more concise articulation of the kinds of songs Ray is interested in writing. Still though, it is not an entirely ‘easy’ record. There are pop songs as well as more abstract moments. Just like past releases, we feel Nice requires a certain degree of ‘active listening’, Both UP and Nick are proud to bring you this release. Hope you enjoy it.


Nice Intro
Century Select
Play Nice Couple
Jenny Says
I’m A Slug
(It’s On) Every Channel
Boyfrie d
Blue Rose
Sweet Emotion

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