James Ferraro - On Air 2xLP

James Ferraro - On Air 2xLP


Electrocuted Moon Hair, Cone Headed Space Punks in Fast Forward Neo Tokyo’s Virtual Flat Screen Pop Stars, Jetset Tabloids Zebra Print Moon Boats Splattering Ketchup Packets are just some of the themes that pour out of the Musical Imaginarium of James Ferraro’s highly anticipated, fully restored and remastered version of the 2009 limited edition CD-R classic On Air, featuring the online hit singles “Cinderella,” “On Air,” “Flashy Kamikaze” and more! Take an electric bite out of the Space Age Glam Sound of Metal Spaz Punks combing their 30 ft Tall Green Mohawks under Saturn’s Post-American Desert Skies and find out what happened after MTV lasered their logo into the moon. Made available by Underwater Peoples Records, two LPs fully loaded with Pop Art Mania guaranteed to give all the 21st Century Digital Children a fresh breath of Glam Rock Magic!


Remote Control
On Air
Electrocuted Hair
Flashy Kamikaze
Bleach Blonde Elvis
New Waver From Hawaii Saturn
Flatscreen Handel
Hot Pink High Heeled Samurai
Coneheads in FF
Angels in the Night
Jetset Cowboy
MTV Blue
Moon Shocked Dudettes
Virtual Sumo Bubble Gum
Cyber Shock Headtroplolis
Life on Record
Dino Static
Moon Avenue
Pleiadian Xerox Hair
Moon Avenue 2
Rerex Tongue Spot
Channel 2

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