The Memories - The Memories LP

The Memories - The Memories LP


When the bleary eyed and wistful extol love’s endless utility, it is natural to recoil. Cloaked in sensibility, it’s easy to sigh deep, hunch awkward, and ignore the flirty beams of light sneaking past leafy guardsmen. It takes a slightly more valiant fellow to drop one’s plans, get stoned, and flirt back.

The Memories debut, self-titled LP, is a thesis statement for the young, courageous romantic. A drug fueled philosophy with pretty girls atop a pyramid of friends, weed, skateboarding, pizza and weed.

The Memories sound as if the The Feelies and The Delfonics had children, then left them to grow up alone in southeast Portland on a diet of sandwiches and skipped school days. Recorded in the upstairs bedroom of their shared home, The album bops between lamenting croons and peppy chorusses. The songs are short and stick around just long enough to properly articulate the sentiment, i.e. “Baby (You’re Totally Crazy)” & “Took Drugs (Went Insane).”

Baby (You’re Totally Crazy)
What You Wanna Do Tonight?
He’s Just A Sad Guy
Cowboys Don’t Get High
Kiss Me
Silly Little Picture
Took Drugs (Went Insane)
Fourth Of July
I Know What To Do

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