Ian Drennan - The Wonderful World 2xLP

Ian Drennan - The Wonderful World 2xLP


The greatest innovators are often characterized by their love – hate relationship with popularity and acceptance. To accept what is ‘now’ is to stagnate, yet to reject it is to become irrelevant. The true harbingers of the ‘new’ reach for the stars with one arm while clinging to the ground with the other. In essence, dragging us forward.

Such is the case with The Wonderful World, Ian Drennan’s debut solo work, to be released September 11, 2012, as a double LP on Underwater Peoples.

The Wonderful World is as gratifying as it is unnerving, the music weds perfectly with the boundless number of variables facing those alive, today. The sensitive listener in search of a thesis statement will enjoy voyaging through Bill Nelson’s melodic lure and Otomo Yoshihide’s stylized noise, yet they may find an optimistic message to murky and fucked to be considered a workable form of positivism. Ian Drennan’s first solo effort is sorrowful, active and curious; a vast record that is exponentially enjoyed by the emotionally attuned.


Die Weiberherrschaft
Of Astolat
Elaine The Fair
Miroir Fantastique
Steel From Rust
Blue Lidded
In Vitro
Solvitur Ambulando

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