Evan Ønly – No Matter What EP

Evan Ønly – No Matter What EP


To deny reality is to create conflict, he always tells us. No one knows how it happened, or when – but here in the last known metropolis on Earth, where all public memory has been erased, Evan Ønly is on a mission to recover the promise of our future. He works among other maverick scientists, artists, and revolutionaries in shadow, intent on piecing together our shattered history. It was mass denial that led us to the state we’re in, Ønly is on a mission to prevent us from making the same mistake.

His material draws inspiration from the classic “future vintage” synth pop he discovered through his archival explorations. His work is evocative of British pioneers aPet Shop Boys, La Roux, and David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance”. The debut Evan Ønly EP, No Matter What, is a highly-evolved synth rock record. Produced by Ice Choir’s Kurt Feldman at the pristine Winter Station, these first six songs are personal anthems turned psychological pop. Ønly creates music in the belief that pop can still change the way we see ourselves and the world — the one we’ve inherited and the ones we’ll build next.


1. Shadows
2. Take Me Back
3. No Matter What
4. Lifting Me Up (Featuring Alaina Riley)
5. The Actress
6. From The Stone

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