Andrew Cedermark - Moon Deluxe LP

Andrew Cedermark - Moon Deluxe LP


It must be a little demoralizing for a musician to leave a moderately successful band and be forever known as that group’s ex-singer or former bass player. All their big plans for a future decorated by their own name in lights forever tainted by journalists seemingly incapable of just letting the past be the past. Just ask Graham Coxon, who has released seven critically-acclaimed albums over the course of a decade-long solo career, but is still primarily identified by his time in Blur. So apologies in advance to Andrew Cedermark, former Titus Andronicus guitarist, whose solo debut Moon Deluxe is among the finest you’ll hear all year, and a man who certainly deserves better than a future defined by past associations. So let’s tear that particular band-aid off and get it out of the way: Andrew Cedermark used to be in Titus Andronicus but now he isn’t. Since leaving the band he has spent time teaching at his old high school and working for his local paper and relocated from New Jersey to Virginia. At various points over the last two years he has somehow found time to self-record a bunch of songs that recall the raw, raucous punk rock ‘n’ roll spirit of his old comrades without actually sounding anything like them. Taking strands of numerous styles, from country, folk and blues to lo-fi indie and noisy post-rock, Cedermark and a select handful of conspirators have woven together an enchanting tapestry of fuzzy cosmic pop that plays like a condensed history of the last fifty years of American alternative music.’ – Michael Dix / One Thirty BPM


Ad Infinitum
Moon Deluxe
Gloria ’85
Will Not Compete
Hard Livin’
Your Dream is Killing Me
I Won’t Know Me Anymore

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